The LOL Guide To Announcing Your Pregnancy On FB

There’s no denying that being pregnant is one of the most exciting times of your life.

And obviously, you want to share your joy with your Facebook followers. But how SHOULD you announce your happy news?

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You can’t just stick a status up and be done with it. Nuh-uh. We recommend you choose one of these options instead…

1) Post a photo of your sonogram

Yep, it’s the classic. A good way to draw attention to the image is by making it your profile picture. This’ll also make it easier for you to look back on the congratulatory comments in the future.

Because that’s exactly what you’ll be wanting to do when you’re knee-deep in nappies, bottles and baby sick.



2) Share an image of your bump

If you want to continue this theme, you can keep your followers updated with photos as your stomach blossoms.

Some people even create a whole album dedicated to their baby’s progress. And their followers really love it.



3) Upload a photo of a pair of teeny baby shoes

It’s a slightly mysterious way of doing things.

Take inspiration from Rachel Stevens by adding you and your partner’s (and any other children’s) shoes to the line-up and writing your dates of birth next to them.

The fact that your bubba’s due date is projected will reveal all to your friends. Ooh.



Morph your and your partner’s faces together

You’ll get to show your friends what your little boy or girl will look before they’re even born! Fantastic.

> This is Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, btw


5) Upload a photo of your parents and refer to them as grandparents

It’s a little less in-your-face than other options. Plus, it’s sentimental and they’ll definitely appreciate it. If they understand what Facebook is.

> Miley Cyrus (obviously) didn’t do this with her parents, but she totally could


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6) Take a close-up of you and/or your partner’s hands on your stomach

This is not going to make your pals vomit at all.



7) If you already have a child, use them to your advantage

The cutest thing about this is that they have absolutely no idea what’s going on.



8) Get creative

This is Stacy Keibler’s image of a bun in an oven. Geddit?



9) Gather foods you’re craving and get them on camera

Caption the photo: ‘This is me for the next nine months.’ Oh, LOL!



Two words: Sand bump

If it’s winter, try the snow bump. That’s a new one.

> How was Beyonce Knowles NOT announcing a pregnancy here?!


11) Go all out and make a music video

McFly’s Tom Fletcher can give you a few pointers on this one.



But in all seriousness, we really are happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS!