How The Little Mermaid And Frozen Are Connected

The Little Mermaid and Frozen. Possibly two of our favourite Disney movies. 

Everyone loves a fan theory. And there’s been plenty of internet threads dedicated to interconnecting each of these with each other, and to other fairytale classics.

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Most notably, there’s the theory that The Little Mermaid and Frozen‘s stories collide quite dramatically, in the middle of the sea. In case you haven’t stumbled across this piece of internet legend before, let us fill you in.

You know that shipwreck in The Little Mermaid? The one where Ariel swims around finding human ‘treasure’ to add to her collection, before her and Flounder are rudely interrupted by a shark? Okay, good.

Now. Everyone who’s sung along to Let It Go will know that Elsa and Anna’s parents tragically die after their boat sinks. 

In this epic three-way theory, the two films are linked with Tangled. Ariel’s ship happens to be on the sea’s bed in Denmark. That, also, just so happens to fall in the middle of Norway – the land of Frozen – and Germany – where the Tangled story takes place.

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So coming full circle, this means that the shipwreck that Ariel is splashing around in once belonged to the King and Queen in Frozen.  In fact, there’s even another theory that also loops in Tarzan

The link between the stories doesn’t end there. Sure, we’d love for it to be true, but The Little Mermaid and Frozen are actually connected by something a lot more concrete than a fan theory. 

As Refinery29 have reminded us, they were both originally written by Hans Christian Andersen.

Long before the folks at Disney came along, Andersen, whose birthday happened to fall this week, wrote of a mermaid who wanted a life on land, and a Snow Queen with a heart of ice.

Both of these inspired the Disney movies we’ve come to know and love today. So their connection, as with most fairytales, runs deep…