We’ve Got Sad News About MIC’s Mark Francis

So The Jump is proving pretty controversial right now.

Since the reality show’s third series began airing less than two weeks ago, a number of its celebrity contestants have had to quit due to injury. Crikey.

The latest contestant to have been hurt whilst taking part is Made in Chelsea’s Mark-Francis Vandelli.


He was taken to hospital on Sunday after falling during the show’s Snow Cross challenge. Ouch. 

It’s been revealed that the reality star has now had to pull out of the show.

According to BBC News, a spokesperson for The Jump said, ‘[Vandelli] received immediate medical attention but sadly will not be able to continue in the competition due to an ankle fracture, which has now been treated.’  

The Jump girls Three of The Jump’s girls have now quit

Swimmer Rebecca Adlington, Holby City actress Tina Hobley and gymnast Beth Tweddle have also ALL been hospitalised.

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Rebecca, 26, sustained a dislocated shoulder, 44-year-old Tina dislocated and fractured her elbow and 30-year-old Beth has hurt her back.

Rebecca Adlington on The Jump Rebecca Adlington pulled out of the show after dislocating her elbow


It’s thought that Beth crashed into a barrier after completing a jump on the Winter Olympics-inspired programme.

After the accident, she was airlifted to hospital. Her parents Ann and Jerry have since spoken out, telling fans: ‘Beth had a fall on the slopes whilst in training for The Jump.

‘She is stable and due to undergo routine surgery on her back. Beth and the family would like to thank everyone for their good wishes. We will keep you updated on her progress.’

Beth Tweddle on The Jump Beth Tweddle is due to undergo surgery on her back


After this latest injury, some viewers began calling for the show to be axed.

One Tweeted: ‘Too many contestants are hurting themselves on The Jump it’s time to cancel it I think,’ while another wrote: ‘I agree with the viewers who feel #TheJump has gone far enough.

‘There’s nothing entertaining about 3 hospitalisations in 2weeks.’

The Jump boys The rest of The Jump’s contestants are still in training


However, there are currently no plans to end the series and the remaining contestants are still in training.

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Channel 4 has said: ‘All events are planned with thorough health and safety procedures in place and the competitors safety is always of the upmost importance.

Tina Hobley on The Jump Tina Hobley suffered a dislocated and fractured elbow


‘There will always be an element of risk when competing in winter sports but all competitors undergo rigorous training and instruction with health and safety experts present.

‘No competitor is cleared to take part unless the trainers deem their ability as proficient.’