Hot Dudes With Kittens Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

When it comes to addictive Instagram feeds, @hotdudeswithkittens is right up there. As the name suggests, our latest Insta obsession is based entirely around two of the internet’s favourite things – cats and hot men. Basically, it’s a cyber match made in heaven, and we can’t.stop.scrolling.

Whether they’re snuggling with their fluffy friends on the sofa to posing with a pussy on their shoulder, the majority of guys featured on Hot Dudes With Kittens are shirtless and totally ripped, but the clothed ones are pretty easy on the eye too.  It’s safe to say pairing adorable kitties with impossibly hot men is a win win situation, and we applaud whoever came up with it. It’s definitely getting us through an otherwise dreary January weekday…

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Lot’s of the men featured on @hotdudeswithkittens just love snuggling with their feline pals…

Others show off their sensitive side by stopping to stroke stray kitties in the street….

Clearly this little kitty thinks he’s a parrot, but it doesn’t stop his owner gazing on in adoration

If this is how good he is with a kitten, imagine him holding a baby….

Guy kisses cat. Heart melts.

Who better to have a ‘blue steel’ off with than your cat? We’re not sure who wins this one…

The only thing is, we don’t know what we want more right now – a hot dude or a cute kitten. The struggle is real.