All The Healthy Snack Ideas You’ll Ever Need

Healthy Snack Ideas To Munch On In Work

Say no to afternoon cake! Choose these healthy snacks to nibble on instead…

> Healthy Snack Ideas: Roasted Chickpeas


Roasted Chickpeas

A staple ingredient in our beloved hummus but did you ever consider them as a snack on their own?  They contain excellent nutritional qualities, are super filling and low calorie, perfect! Add spicy seasonings such as chilli powder to give the snack a flavourful kick, add some olive oil and roast in the oven to make them crispy to eat. Divide into portion bags and keep at your desk, each bag should keep for about three days.

> Healthy Snack Ideas: Yogurt Coated Blueberries


Frozen yoghurt covered blueberries

Blueberries are a superfood, valued for their high content of antioxidants and benefits for brain health. This recipe injects a bit more luxury and excitement into the snack through smothering them in nonfat Greek yoghurt (you choose the flavour). All you have to do is dip the berries in the yoghurt and freeze for an hour, then you have a healthy and tasty snack ready to go!

> Healthy Snack Ideas: Avocado and Cottage Cheese


Avocado and cottage cheese

The avocado has really grown in popularity in the last few years and there’s a reason for it! Its flavour and rich texture make it a fulfilling snack that will fill you up until dinnertime. It is stuffed full with monounsaturated fatty acids which help to keep your heart healthy, and they contain a wide variety of much needed vitamins and minerals. Pairing it with the protein of cottage cheese helps to ensure your energy is sustained for longer.

> Healthy Snack Ideas: Pumpkin Seeds


Pumpkin seeds

We are used to thinking of these as little annoyances we have to get rid of before we can get at the pumpkin but actually these are an excellent source of protein, containing approximately 7 grams per serving. A really easy, minimum effort and portable snack that is rammed full of magnesium which aids our physiological functioning.

> Healthy Snack Ideas: Prunes



Good news- Edamame is naturally gluten-free and contains no cholesterol. It is packed full with a range of important nutrients and provides an excellent energy boost through the combination of fat, protein and slow-digesting carbs it is build up of.

> Healthy Snack Ideas: Edamame



This tasty fruit provides a sweet fix in only 30 calories.  They are rich in fibre, which is a positive for your blood sugar and appetite- regulating hormones. Studies have also found them to have a higher measure of satiety compared to many other snacks, meaning you stay fuller for longer. There are so many positives associated with this snack perhaps its time we tackled our aversion to them and embraced it!

Healthy Snack Ideas To Have On A NIght Out

Want to flat stomach just like Michelle Keegan? Well, we have it on good authority that the stunning actress simply swaps unhealthy party snacks for uber-healthy nibbles when she’s hitting red carpet events.

Whether you’re heading out this weekend or even hosting your own do, nutritionist Kim Pearson and dietician Ian Marber have helped us compile a list of the best healthy snack swaps, so you can fit into your LBD and have a flat tum, just like Michelle. Hurrah!

Smoked Salmon

Avoid bloating by opting for smoked salmon with dill. “Salmon is rich in protein and essential fats, which will help you feel satisfied and less likely to pick at fattier buffet foods,” says Kim. “And dill contains essential oils that calm the stomach and release any trapped air.”




Not only are olives a tasty snack, they can also stop your stomach feeling swollen, says Ian. “Carbohydrates can stimulate bloating he warns, “ so swap crisps for olives. They won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable and should satisfy your appetite.”





These are a delicious party snack and they’ll do wonders for your waistline. “Marinated prawns won’t bloat you at all,” Kim explains. “They’re free from sugar and carbohydrates and rich in protein.”






“Nuts are a better source of fat compared to unhealthy trans fats often found in deep-fried party foods and pastries,” says Kim. “Just make sure they’re not roasted, honeyed or salted. They also contain phytic acid, which can cause bloating for some, so watch out.”




Ginger tea

If your tummy is feeling uncomfortable the next morning, reach for ginger tea. “Ginger is calming for the digestive system,” says Kim. “As well as being a powerful anti-nausea remedy (hangover cure alert!), it can alleviate bloating by helping to expel gas from the gastrointestinal tract.”




Turkey skewers

Go for skewers of turkey, beef or fish if you want to keep your tummy flat ahead of a big evening, says Ian. “They’re preferable to mini burgers or sandwiches because they’re all protein, which means they fill you up and leave you bloat-free.”





Midnight cravings? Swap a packet of crisps for a bowl of popcorn instead – they’re low in calories and packed full of antioxidents. Plus, it’s rich in fibre so will help ward of those hunger pangs.