The Harry Potter Purse That’ll Make Up For The Hogwarts Letter You Never Received

Because quite frankly there's been a hole in our lives ever since that letter from Hogwarts failed to arrive...

If, like us, you’re still (secretly) dreaming of the day an owl will fly down our chimney and deliver our letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry then these pieces will be right up your street. Thanks to TruffleShuffle you can keep the dream alive as the clever people there have created a vegan purse that totally resembles the iconic letter Harry Potter received that fateful day.

Whilst movie merchandise can sometimes be pretty cheesy and questionable: with action figures notoriously never managing to resemble the celebrity they’re meant to and some pieces just totally missing the mark. Thankfully this little purse ticks all the boxes and looks so letter-like you’ll certainly have a few sales assistants double taking when you get it out at the tills.

This creamy rectangular purse has been made to look exactly like an envelope, complete with an embossed Hogwarts crest and a slick red wax stamp with the letter ‘H’ on one side and Harry’s full address (which is, of course, written in the HP hand writing from our fave films) on the other.

An official piece of HP merch, one of our fave features is that it’s also made from synthetic leather – so not only does it tick the box for ethical accessories it also costs just £24.99! In the words of Harry,  ‘we’ll take the lot!’