4 Of The Funniest Viral Stories That Will Make You LOL

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Good old Arnie.

The Hollywood actor got made-up into his robotic alter ego and hid out in Madame Tussauds to scare the public. The video is hilarious.



Our highlight? The Terminator picking out some pretty pink sunglasses, before quickly stopping to take a selfie. 


And even better, it’s all in the name of charity. 


2. Chris Pratt Inspires #PrattKeeping


Jurassic Park fever is taking over. With London’s Waterloo station becoming home to some unsavoury-looking Dino creatures, and Chris Pratt just continuing to be the perfect human, the newest addition to the Jurassic trilogy has been one of the hottest topics on everyone’s lips this week. 

But now it’s gone one step further, with animal tamers around the world taking inspiration from the above scene. Enter, #PrattKeeping. 

The pictures speak for themselves. 






3. Adorabilis

>YouTube: SciFi



A new octopus has been discovered, and word is that it’s so adorable, they’re contemplating naming it Adorabilis. No qualms here. 

We think it looks like an emoji. Or Pac Man’s nemesis. 


4. James Blunt 




The Beautiful singer really is our Twitter hero. He never fails to make us LOL. 

This week he caused a panic wave after announcing that he would be taking over the Foo Fighter’s spot at Glastonbury. 

And here’s more gold from him. Just, because.