The Feminist T-Shirts Getting All The Likes On Instagram

2018 is the year of the empowering dress code...

By Amy Lewis

There’s no denying that fashion can be a powerful tool for activism. From the Golden Globes all-black dress code to Dior’s ‘We should all be feminists’ slogan tee, wearing your thoughts on your body can get the message across faster than any viral tweet these days.

So it’s no wonder that the t-shirts currently getting all the Instagram likes carry a very powerful, and incredibly topical, message. 

The ‘A Woman Was Harassed Here’ collection is a collaboration between Delhi-based retailer NorBlack NorWhite, and activist/artist Aqui Thami of Dharavi Art Room, an organisation in India which aims to empower women and children through art.

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Last summer, Thami decided to highlight the extremely high levels of gender violence in cities in India by scattering pink posters reading ‘a woman was harassed here’ in locations around Mumbai where alleged sexual assault and gender violence had taken place.

Calling out a lack of safe spaces in the city, Thami’s message was one that resonated all around the world and helped to amplify the message spread through 2017’s Women’s Marchand, more recently, the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

Enter the t-shirt collab.

Inspired by her poignant street art, the founders of NorBlack NorWhite (a label which is fast earning cult-status BTW, mainly thanks to its blend of super cool ’90s styling and a socially conscious mindset), decided to hook up with Thami to take her art from street to shirt.

The collection features three tee designs; one plain white featuring a pink poster, one emblazoned with the huge ‘a woman was harassed here’ slogan, plus another with the message written in Hindi.

Starting at £19.12, without shipping costs, the tees have already been picked by a slew of Insta-famous activists, including musician Madame Ghandi.

Our advice?

Get yours fast, because these will be selling out at double-speed.