Could You Afford To Live In Carrie’s Apartment?

Ever sat through an episode of your favourite TV show and wondered how much it would cost to nab a slice of sitcom real estate? Of course you have! We all know that writing one weekly column in a well-known newspaper (we’re looking at you, Carrie) would not generate enough income to allow you to live in a New York apartment with enough space for 2734749393 pairs of designer shoes. Hell, not even writing several stories per week for a national publication will give you the kind of wardrobe space Carrie Bradshaw boasted. And we should know. 

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Then there’s the likes of Friends, in which Monica ‘inherits’ her gigantic, luxurious West Village apartment from her grandmother. Sure. But what about the gang in How I Met Your Mother? How did they afford their city abode? 

So many questions. Thankfully, the New York Post has answered them all, and then some, having published a detailed report on the real cost of living in our favourite TV shows. 

Sex and the City:

> It’s just Carrie. And her gigantic, walk-in wardrobe. Stuffed full of designer clothes, shoes and accessories. And she only works once a week!



Carrie allegedly paid just $700 (around £490) per month for her one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment, complete with that walk-in wardrobe. Given that you can barely rent a single room for that much in London these days, that’s a pretty cushty situation. Apparently, the average rent for that area of New York now is around $2,850 per month, or about £2,000. We can’t help but wonder, would Carrie’s column have allowed her to stretch to that?


> We’d probably look this happy if we inherited such a great apartment from our nan.



We’ve seen each epsiode so many times that we’re more than familiar with the apartments on the beloved 90s sitcom. Without a doubt, Monica has the best deal. That two-bedroom, one-bathroom pad is huge, and there’s even outside space in the form of the balcony. Otherwise known as the place they use for private conversations and once, inexplicably, a BBQ. 

Given that the apartment is supposedly situated in New York’s trendy West Village, we dread to think what people would pay for the equivalent of Monica’s dream flat these days. According to the New York Post, the last apartment available to rent in the same area was going for $2,950 per month, and it was nowhere near as nice as Monica’s place. In fact, Citi Habitats’ March 2016 rental report put the West Village’s average two-bedroom rent at $4,030. Note the word ‘average’. 

Take into consideration the huge living space and outdoor terrace and it’s likely that to live like Monica and Rachel, you’d have to pay at least $4,500 per month. That’s over £3,000 each. And we’re pretty sure that even with tips, waitressing doesn’t pay that well. 

How I Met Your Mother: 

> Share this flat with all of your friends, and it’s not actually that expensive. As long as you don’t mind sleeping on the sofa.



Every main character (except Barney) lives- at one point or another during the show- in the two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment that’s supposedly situated above the gang’s beloved bar, MacLaren’s. Located on the Upper West Side of New York, the average rent for a property of similar size is reportedly $2,875. Compared to the Friends flat, that sounds like a bit of a bargain. It’s probably not, though. 

Will & Grace:

> Look at those wistful facial expressions. We bet they’re both thinking how pleased they are with their $2 million apartment.


Ok, so this really is the humdinger. Our favourite platonic couple supposedly lived in a sprawling two-bedroom, two-bathroom place, complete with outside space on the Upper West Side. Unlike Lily, Marshall and co’s comparitively cheap (!) rent, this duo would be paying megabucks were they to rent a similar pad in the area now. Their address is ‘Riverside Drive’ where a one-bedroom place was last rented in 2013 for $4,095. The only apartments with anything like the same amount of space that Will and Grace have in the show were rented for about $8,000 per month in recent years. 

That’s almost £2,000 PER WEEK of living there. The implication in the show, however, is that either Will or Grace (but we’re guessing Will, given his job as a corporate lawyer) owns the apartment. Apparently, similar properties have been sold for just about $2 million. 

No wonder Grace didn’t want to move.