So Viewers Didn’t Like This Contestant’s Jumper On The Chase

The Chase viewers had an awful lot to say about one poor fella’s attire during the show. And we couldn’t help but feel a little bit sorry for him. 

Taking part in the ITV game show, Daniel opted for a yellow and brown striped number. First of all, when we hear yellow and brown, we’re instantly reminded of our old Brownie uniforms (soz). But anyway, that was his choice, and everyone should be able to wear whatever tickles their fancy, right? 


But despite the fact that a) Bradley Walsh liked his jumper and b) he was pretty good at the game (which, FYI, was the reason he was there), social media seemed pretty distracted by Dan’s sweater.


And, because it’s Twitter, users were quick to get vocal, with a few other nostalgic comparisons being made. 

Poor bloke.

One tweet read: ‘Wtf is this guy wearing in the chase it’s like he’s remixed Charlie browns T-shirt into a s**** jumper #thechase’.

Another user wrote, ‘I’ve decided Daniel’s granny knitted that jumper for him & he promised to wear it on #thechase’.

Others included: ‘I once had some cake like his jumper. the cake was nice but FFS the jumper #thechase’ and ‘Looks like he was lying on the runway while it was being painted.’

Don’t listen to the haters, Dan. 

Stay true to your jumper.