Does *This* Prove That ‘The Chase’ Is A Fix…?

The Chase has a regular and loyal pool of viewers. And this week, the eagle-eyed audience was quick to point out an apparent freeze of the clock, with many claiming that it showed the programme to be a fix.

During the final round of Wednesday’s episode, the Chaser was once again playing to beat the contestants, but many viewers claimed to have noticed that the time on the clock seemed to take longer than it should have done. 

In fact, they claim that he got a second added to his time, as the clock stalled on the 10 second mark. 

The audience was quick to take to Twitter and call out the ITV’s apparent error, accusing the show of giving the Chaser unfair added time.

One tweet read, ‘Added an extra second on for the chaser! 10 seconds turn to 10 seconds! #TheChase’

Another said, ‘I have proof the chaser gets more time than the contestants!! Watch at 10 seconds. #TheChase.’


However, Mark Labbett – the famous Chaser – was quick to put an end to the speculation, telling followers that the non-moving clock was down to an editing problem.

He replied to one viewer: ‘a pick-up or rerecord of a question was poorly edited, that is all…’ [sic]. 

The four contestants still went on to beat Mark, taking home a prize fund of £27,000.

We mean, we wouldn’t be complaining if we were them…