The Body Coach Is Promoting His New Book, Lean In 15

Taking to the Good Morning Britain sofa, the health and fitness guru was subject to an awkward interview with Piers Morgan...

Piers Morgan could be considered a pro at upsetting the people. He’s famously feuded with Charlotte Church, Jeremy Clarkson, Chrissy Teigen and her hubby John Legend.

Piers presents Good Morning Britain alongside Susanna Reid, and this morning they welcomed The Body Coach – real name Joe Wicks – on to the sofas in an interview about his new book, Lean In 15.

Releasing tomorrow, the book is the ultimate guide to a healthier lifestyle and contains easy, 15 minutes recipes and workouts to get you toned and strong.

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While we would have loved to hear more about the upcoming book, Piers seemed set on chatting about details of Joe’s personal life.


The grilling began with Piers saying, ‘You’re making £1million a month, you’re a good looking guy, you work out. How many women are beating a path to your door on an hourly basis?’

Viewers then saw Joe shift awkwardly in his seat before answering: ‘There’s none, none at all.’

But Piers didn’t stop there, wanting to know: ‘You haven’t got any women in your life?’

Joe answered: ‘We’re not here to talk about girls, we’re here to talk about Lean In 15.’



But Piers continued the interrogation: ‘I’m fascinated, if you can’t get a girl then what hope is there for the male species!’

Joe then attempted to draw a line by responding, ‘I don’t like talking about girls. That stuff is private.’

But after much badgering from Piers, Joe conceded: ‘I’m not available, I have a girlfriend. She’s very beautiful.’


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But Piers didn’t stop there and interrupted him to say: ‘You can’t say that in a modern society, you have to say she’s a very smart woman with a great career. You can’t say that.’

The GMB host then decided to tuck into his peanut butter sandwiches live on air and told Joe to ‘go home and eat his broccoli.’


Viewers were quick to accuse Piers of being rude to his guest,  in a flurry of sympathising tweets.

We definitely think every person – celebrity or not – deserves the right to a private life and we think The Body Coach did a great job of keeping his cool during the interview.

Looking forward to reading the new book, Joe.

By Catherine Delves