7 Of The Best Celebrity Falls To Make You LOL

Harry Styles has broken Twitter. Face-planting on stage at One Direction’s gig in San Diego, the quarter of the world’s most famous boy band (they’ve definitely earnt that, right?) tried his best to style (do you see what we did there?) it out when he tripped up on a microphone cable.

But, proving he actually doesn’t possess super powers, he couldn’t quite shake off the inevitable. 

A trending hashtag followed – #OhNoHarry – and the GIFs came next. Standard.

We can assure you that Harry recovered gracefully. And when he emerged, he had a grin planted on his face. Phew.

So all that’s left is to thank him for some much-needed amusement. 

It also sparked us to rummage into the clumsy archives, to pick out the very best celebrity falls. 

You’re welcome. 

1. Harry Styles. He deserves the crown. OBVS. 


2. Kanye West. 


As if his quotes aren’t enough to keep us entertained, well, for life, we just can’t stop watching this moment. On repeat. 

3. Katy Perry 


That guitarist was about as much use as a chocolate teapot. 

4. Justin Bieber


Baby, baby, baby, ow. 

5. Drake


Sigh. He gets knocked down, but he gets up again… 

6. Beyonce 


She’s human, ladies. 

7. Lady Gaga


She’s known for make a spectacle or two – raw meat dress, anyone? – but this is something else. 

By Laura Jane Turner