One Of The Apprentice Candidates Has Been Labelled ‘Sexist’

People didn't take too kindly to one of Sofiane Khelfa's comments on yesterday's show...

We’re three episodes in to The Apprentice – and we’re completely obsessed.

Last night’s show saw the teams get divided up to manufacture sweets, which they later sold on the Brighton seafront.

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It was Nebula’s project manager Oliver Nohl-Oser who ended up being fired, after his team managed to earn just £615 profit.

Lord Sugar told the sausage business co-owner: ‘Oliver, I’m taking you on your word that you’ve got this business and that’s why I’m a bit confused as to why you’ve failed miserably here in management, in manufacturing, in selling.

‘Your best hope for £250,000 is to buy yourself a scratch card… you’re fired.’

So rivals Titans walked away victorious. But despite their win, not everyone on the team ended up being praised for their actions.

Sales executive Sofiane Khelfa was labelled ‘sexist’ after making a comment about cooking.

When project manager Alana Spencer asked which of her team wanted to make the sweets in the kitchen, he responded: ‘I wouldn’t like to be in the kitchen. I’ve got a wife who cooks for me.’

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The Apprentice

Alana did NOT look impressed

Oosh. Alana pulled an unimpressed face – and viewers had even stronger opinions.

Comments included: ‘Wow Sofiane just said something so sexist,’ and: ‘I’d send him straight to the kitchen for that.’

Sofiane didn’t seem to notice how badly his comment could be perceived, later saying of Alana: ‘She looks like she’s worried all the time but you need to be confident.’

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