Viewers Are Divided By Lord Sugar’s Final Decision On The Apprentice

There was a shock twist on last night's show...

Well, we didn’t expect that ending to last night’s The Apprentice final.

Lord Alan Sugar couldn’t choose between the two finalists, so in an unprecedented move decided to hire them both. Must’ve been in a good mood, eh?

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This means he’ll be investing £250,000 in Sarah Lynn’s sweet business and James White’s recruitment agency.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar told the pair: ‘James – crowded market, but I’ve had some experience with a similar person of a similar age who is making a lot, a lot of money.

‘Sarah – sweets. I don’t have any experience of your business, okay. I’m going to say that I’m a gambler and I’ve always been a gambler in business.

‘This particular year, I’m going to double my investment. I’m going to start a business with both of you.’

Of course, the pair were pretty pleased with the result.

James, 26, said: ‘I have always, since I was a young boy, looked up to Lord Sugar as a businessman. To now be his business partner is literally a dream that I’ve always had and for that dream to come true. It’s just very, very humbling.’

Sarah, 35, added: ‘It feels incredible. I’m just shocked and amazed and so proud that Lord Sugar found enough in both of us to make a double investment. The future is definitely sweet, and it’s going to be a great adventure.’

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But not everyone was quite so happy. Viewers had mixed reactions over on Twitter, with some claiming they’d been ‘cheated’ out of a proper final.

Tweets included: ‘Just watched #TheApprentice final and I’m left feeling that the whole process was a waste time,’ and: ‘You wanna talk about your investment Alan? I’ve invested 12 weeks of my time in #TheApprentice and THERE WASN’T A BLOODY WINNER! [sic].’

However, others thought it was a great twist. One wrote: ‘OMG The Apprentice final made me so happy!!! Y’ALL WANTED A TWIST!’ while another pointed out: ‘Why is there so much stick for #TheApprentice @Lord_Sugar.. his money his choice 🥂🥂.’

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