Er. What Was Going On During The 1975’s BRITs Performance?

Viewers thought the awards ceremony may have been hacked...

The 1975 are having a pretty successful evening at tonight’s BRIT Awards, aren’t they?

The band impressively nabbed the gong for British Group, and performed in front of the ginormous crowd at London’s O2 Arena.

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The 1975 performed at tonight’s BRIT Awards

Of course, fans have been sending their congratulations over on Twitter.

Messages include: ‘Honestly so happy that The 1975 won an award, nice to see a slightly ‘left’ band get recognition at a mainstream award show #The1975BRITs,’ and: ‘OMG OMG OMG THE 1975 😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #THE1975BRITS #BRITs.’

But some viewers couldn’t help noticing something a teeny bit odd about their gig.

The 1975 at the BRIT Awards

The 1975 picked up their first BRIT award tonight

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As they belted out their track, what appeared to be a series of insulting messages popped up on the screen. Eeeep.

Were people sending these in? Had the BRITs been hacked? What was going on?!

One confused Tweeter wrote: ‘Wtf someone just hacked the Brit awards and wrote loads of hate about the 1975 😂😂 @BRITAwards,’ while another wrote: ‘Oh my god has the brits been hacked ?? @the1975 #BRITs [sic].’

But don’t worry! The 1975 weren’t being targeted – in fact, they were totally in on it.

Fans of the band have explained everything, with one Tweet reading: ‘People thinking the brits was hacked during the 1975, it’s on their music video for the song it was meant to be there 😂😂#BRITs2017.’

Another said: ‘#BRITs2017 it’s funny how people who haven’t watched “the sound” video by the 1975 think the show have been hacked 😂😂.’

Phew. Congratulations, guys!