The 16 year old developer that broke the internet with his homemade video game

A day or two ago, we discussed the 18 year old that developed the first messaging service for the deaf community. Now we continue our documentation of the world’s youthful prodigies with the 16 year old video games developer, Anthony Tan.

The Australian high-schooler has been causing a ruckus in the gaming internet scene on sites like Reddit after leaking screenshots of his ultimately beautiful self-developed game, Way To The Woods.

With the intention to show off some art he’d been working on, the community lost their minds over the cell-shaded and expertly designed shots of his two deer protagonists.

Working with a similarly aged programming friend, Tan hopes to fund his new game with the Unreal Development Grand that offers a $5,000 to $50,000 financial backing for start-up game designers.

Despite there being no actual narrative or gameplay released to the public, the anticipation surrounding this indie game is palpable.

Image credit: Way To The Woods

Image credit: Way To The Woods

Tan’s prowess in game design began with the simple programmes that are available to the rest of us like Flash, Unity or the editing software on games like Halo or The Sims.

Speaking to Polygon, Tan explained that the reason he shares everything he works on is because he truly believes in it: “I just have good images to show people”, he admits.

Image credit: Way To The Woods

Image credit: Way To The Woods

Similar to the aforementioned 18 year old developer, Tan shows no sign of dropping out of school to pursue his passion project – in fact, his studies in the “creative industry subject” aided the development of Way To The Woods. We can’t wait to play it.

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