The 10-Minute Workouts Reshaping A-List Bodies

Forget hour-long sweatathons. You only need a fraction of that time to look like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry or Cameron Diaz. Fitness gurus show us how…

Bag Jessica’s Incredibe Abs

“To get abs like Alba you have to reduce body fat and train the whole body,” explains personal trainer Zoe McNulty, adding that this is apparently what Jessica, 33, does with her PT, Stateside. “The more muscle you build up, the more fat you burn and the more definition you’ll see. Stop-start workouts that mix cardio and strengthening are the way forward.” Zoe suggests doing the following in 10 minutes.


“Sprint along the road for 100m and back again. The quick blast of cardio boosts your heart rate while burning fat and calories. Follow each exercise with this.”


“Do 10 press-ups (on your knees in you need to) ensuring your core is sucked in, hands are shoulder width and a half apart, and your bottom isn’t sticking out. Go down slowly, push up quickly.”

Tricep Dips

“Slide off a chair with your legs in front of you, arms straight and hands on the seat behind you. Gently bend your elbows to lower your bottom, then straighten to bring it back up. Keep your shoulders down. Repeat 10 times.”

The Robot

“Stand on an exercise band, with one end in each hand. Crouch, squeeze shoulders together, then pull up with your elbows bending out wide. Pull and hold 10 times.”


“Plank for a minute, pulling your belly to your spine with your body straight. Don’t stick your bum up!”

Russian Twist

“In a half sit-up position, lock your core then twist side to side with your arms bent out to 10.”

Cameron Diaz


Cameron’s Butt Blast

The word in celeb-land is that Cam, 41, sculpted her derriere for Sex Tape (in which she had to strip down to her undies a lot!) via 10-minute daily sessions using only a chair. According to sources: “She does it at home while watching the news.” Zoe suggests giving this chair workout a go at home…

Chair lift

“Face a chair that’s knee height. Put one foot on the chair, lift the other and sueeze your glutes. Hold for a second, then lower both feet. Do 10 on each leg, rest, then repeat.”

Butt Bridges

“Lie on your back with your heels up on the chair shoulder width apart and flex your feet, pointing toes back towards you. Lift your hips and squeeze your bum as you push up into a bridge, keeping your arms flat by your sides. Do 20. Rest. Do 20 more.”

Chair Pose

“Stand facing the back of the chair with legs wide and feet slightly turned out. Rise onto your toes, and, keeping everything sucked in, bend forward, squeezing your bum. Go down for four counts and rise up for four more. Rest a hand on the chair for balance and keep glutes engaged throughout.”

Jump Squats

“Move away from the chair and with legs wide, do a deep squat, then a jump, pointing your toes as you go. Land with toes then heels and go into another squat. Do as many as you can in a minute.”

Halle Berry


Halle’s Six-Point Bicep Plan

Want Halle arms? The star’s trainer, Ramona Braganza, says it’s all about stretching, strengthening and a speedy sweat.

Jab Cross Punches

“Grab a litre bottle of water in each hand, and punch back and forth for two minutes, Rocky-style.”

Lateral Raises

“Stand your first feet hip width apart and your arms by your sides, then, holding the bottles, raise them out to your sides to shoulder height. Pause, then lower. Repeat for one minute.”

Front Raises

“Using the same start position, this time raise one arm up straight in front of you. Lift to boob height, then lower back down to work your biceps. Do one minute on each side.”

Bicep Curls

“Stand with arms down, forearms forward. Gently bend your elbows and bring up your hands. Hold for a moment, then straighten the elbows. Do this slowly for two minutes.”

Tricep Knickback

“Kneel one leg on a chair, with the other straight and a foot on the floor to support you. Hold a bottle on the same side of the supporting leg, with your arm straight down. Kick back with this arm, hold for a second, then bring it back to the start. Do a minute on each side.”

Wall Push-Ups

“Just like you would on the floor, carry this action out by standing and facing a wall. Lean in with hands at chest height on the wall. Do for one minute.”