The 10 Biggest Relationship Turn Offs EVER

Ever wondered why you haven’t been able to find Mr or Mrs right? Maybe you’re turning your partners off, more than on. A recent study has taken place across various prestigious universities to determine what both sexes look for in a partner, or more importantly – what they don’t.

You’re ultimate pet peeves. Too lazy? Watch’s too many video games?… Well believe it or not according to Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin men and women aren’t so different after all.

Here are the BIG relationship deal breakers.

1. An Unclean/dishevelled appearance: Men 63% Women 71%

While many are a fan of a man with stubble there is a huge difference between Jamie Dornan and looking like you haven’t showered in a week. Let’s keep it clean people. 

2. Laziness: Men 60% Women 72%

We all love duvet days. But certain habits should be left to Sundays. Nobody loves a couch potato.

3. Too needy: Men 57% Women 69%

A little personal space goes a long way appearently…

4. Lacks a sense of humour: Men 50% Women 58%

Remember that famous Marilyn Monroe quote; “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything” – well perhaps not completely true, but a sense of humour is a BIG deal for both sexes.

5. Lives more than three hours away: Men 51% Women 47%

How far would you travel for your dream partner? Sadly it seems three hours was enough to put half of the interviewees off. 

6. Bad sex: Men 44% Women 50%

If at first you don’t succeed… according to some it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to try again.




7. Lacks self-confidence: Men 33% Women 47%

It appears that a confident partner is more important to women than men. Confidence is sexy. 

8.Too much TV/ video games: Men 25% Women 41%

Justin Theorux take note! Step away from the remote. Even though Mr Theroux insists Jennifer is “very tolerant” of his video game habit – 41% of women find it intolerable. We’re with you on this one. 

9. Low sex drive: Men 39% Women 27%

Not losing the spark is more important to men than women. 




10. Stubbornness: Men 32% Women 34%

Deny it if you must, but we’re all guilty of being a little stubborn. Sometimes for the relationships sake you just have to let it go, let it go!

Other turn-offs that also made the list:


11. Talks too much: Men 26% Women 20%

12. Too quiet: Men 11% Women 17%

13. Bluntness: Men 11% Women 15%

14. Does not want children: Men 13% Women 15%

15. Already had children: Men 14% Women 12%

16. Too athletic:  Men 7% Women 10%

17. Not Athletic: Men 7% Women 6%

By Chloe Gipson