Tess Holliday Sparks *Quite* The Reaction On This Morning

Model Tess Holliday has been documenting her second pregnancy on Instagram. And it seems that she’s been experiencing quite a bit of backlash surrounding her weight and changing body.




She’s been getting so much attention, in fact, that she was invited to take a guest spot on today’s This Morning.

Presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford asked Tess how she felt about claims that she isn’t a good role model because of her weight, and she responded, ‘I will agree to disagree because I do believe health is not an indicator of size.’

Tess, who has over one million followers on the picture-sharing site, often promotes a commendable anti-body shaming message. She wants her fans to see that you can be big and beautiful.

>We think you’re glowing, Tess. 


This week, the star, who is currently 37 weeks pregnant, shared a naked mirror selfie to showcase her blossoming bump. She captioned the snap, ‘When people say to me “I can’t tell you’re pregnant” & my face is like…

‘I will continue to live unapologetically, to thrive in this body, prove the naysayers wrong & laugh at the ignorance’.

Good for you, Tess.

Speaking on This Morning, she announced that her health is nobody else’s business, saying, ‘Our body’s are our business, if I am unhealthy in 20 years that is my business. I guess I should be flattered people around the world are worried about my health, but I am happy and healthy.’



This Morning‘s viewers took to social media to voice their opinions. And they were mostly of concern.

One wrote, ‘Doesn’t matter about beauty, that’s not healthy she’s probably on her way to diabetes and heart disease.’ Another said, ‘Big and beautiful also known as fat and unhealthy.’


But others defended her, with one hitting back at the critics: ‘The simple message is you should love yourself at any size. @Tess_Holliday big and beautiful good for her!

‘People are missing the point.’

Tess has previously told E! News, ‘Loving yourself is the most powerful message we all need to stand behind.’

And we think that this is an important thing to stand behind…