The Tesco Jaffa Cake Story Taking Over Twitter

Let’s be honest – sometimes those supermarket self-checkout machines can be testing. But one lucky teen in Bristol got far more than he bargained for.

Josh Knight was buying a packet of Jaffa Cakes at the self-service machine when he was given too much change.

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Josh paid for the 59p snack using a £1 coin, but miraculously got £1.41 in change back.

Taking Twitter to thank Tesco for their generous error, Josh was then greeted with a reply back.

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Check out their hilarious exchange.




People on Twitter have since congratulated Josh for his good luck, and made fun of Tesco in the process.

One user tweeted to Josh: ‘Every little helps.’

Whilst another tweeted: ‘Can you DM me the store Josh. I’m hungry.’


Ah, the power of social media.