Terry Walsh Has A Rant About Love Island Ex Malin

It’s safe to say that viewers of Love Island can be split into two camps; you’re either #TeamMalin or #TeamTerry.

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Any addict of the ITV2 show will have formed a firm opinion on the relationship between Malin Andersson, and 28-year-old Terry Walsh.

We watched as he swooped in and stole her away from Rykard. We watched them tell each other how much they liked each other. We watched their first kiss, their intimate moments, and we even watched on as they had a few little, err, relationship hiccups – yup, we’re talking #ToastieGate, people.

>Terry originally said he was staying on Love Island to spend time with the lads


Possibly the most talked about moment from the series came when Malin flew back to the villa to confront her ‘cheating’ ex boyfriend, Tel’, after she’d watched him move on with newcomer Emma-Jane Woodham following being dumped from the villa.

Any girl that’s ever been cheated on or treated badly by a fella (and come on, that’s most of us, right?) would have felt like they could relate to Ma’s situation.


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At the time, this emotional showdown was the only way we were going to hear Terry’s version of what the hell had happened. Until now. Because, Terry is out. And he’s had more than a few things to say about Malin over on Twitter.

In a series of tweets that have been deleted (but allegedly captured by a Twitter user), Terry appears to attack Malin for hanging out with TOWIE’s Michael Hassini (even though she’s maintained it was on a friendship level).


He then wrote, ‘Anyway had my 5 minute moan. 2 sides 2 every story. Night x’.

He later kicked off: ‘So much has gone unseen. Me and Marlin spoke the following day she left and I told her I was staying and it was still a test for me.’




He continued: ‘Unfortunately I failed due to me not wanting to be with Marlin. Why would I stay in a relationship I don’t want to be in? Be real.’

‘I was with her 3 weeks not 3 years. End of chat *Malin’.

Is this the end of the dramz?

We’ll be keeping an eye on social media to find out…