Terry Says This Wasn’t Shown On Love Island: Heading Home

Terry Walsh arrived to the Love Island wrap party with his new girl Emma Woodham on his arm. And there was always going to be a confrontation between the pair and Tel’s former lady, Malin Andersson.

So, OF COURSE, it was filmed as part of last night’s spin off show, Love Island: Heading Home.


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We all know what happened last time the pair came face-to-face, but it seems that things were a lot more civilised this time around.

After Malin, with Olivia by her side for back-up, joined Terry and Emma in their booth, Terry took the opportunity to actually apologise.

He explained to this ex, ‘When you walked into that restaurant I had no idea you were coming Ma.

‘I was on the back foot straight away. That conversation didn’t go where I wanted it to go at all. I was so surprised you were there I was on the backfoot so I’ll start again, knowing I’m going to see you: I am sorry for hurting you.’


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Malin told him, ‘It’s done now and in the past. That’s literally it. I don’t want to talk about it or have anything bad. I wish you both the best. Treat [Emma] well.’

What a classy lady, eh?

Emma took to Twitter to defend her man, saying, ‘So glad they have finally showed terry apologising.. He has been doing it for three weeks its just not been aired !! #theendofachapter’.



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In other footage that was included in last night’s ITV2 offering, Emma could be seen opening up to her family just after she left the villa.

She told them that she ‘wouldn’t say no’ if Terry asked her to be his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Terry was seen shooting some pool with his mates in a bar, and it seemed that he was actually pretty smitten with her too.

>Malin Andersson watched Terry kissing Emma 🙁

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After the show finished, Terry took to social media to clear something up. He revealed, ‘Just to update u because they didn’t show it once Iv met Mr and Mrs Woodhams and if they approve of me I’ll ask @emmajwoodhams to b my gf’ [sic].

Ooh, things are getting serious, then…