So *Are* Love Island’s Terry And Emma Still Together?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips: will Terry Walsh and Emma Jane Woodham make a go of things now that they’ve left Love Island?

The pair were voted off of the island during Friday night’s show, and Caroline Flack couldn’t wait to grill them on everything that had been going down in the villa. And by everything, we of course mean that Malin showdown, and the awkward triange of drama that was Emma, her ex Tom and his new girlfriend Sophie.

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Tel’ has wasted no time in hitting back at the negativity surrounding his break-up with Malin. But he’s also been talking a lot about the future of his relationship with Emma.



Talking to RadioTimes just after the show, he said, ‘We are, definitely [going to meet up]. We haven’t hidden the fact that we’re going to meet up. As everyone knows, me and Emma took pigeon steps. I don’t like putting pressure on it, neither does Em. But we love each other’s company so we’re definitely going to meet up for drinks.’

Whilst still in the villa, Emma confessed to the girls that she could feel herself falling for the 28-year-old.

She told them, ‘The last couple of days I’m really starting to feel myself… when I look at [Terry] I’m like ‘Oh s***’ [I’m falling for him]. I feel like I’m taking a massive risk.’



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But does she still feel the same now they’ve left?

Now asked her if a relationship was on the cards, and she told them, ‘Never say never. We haven’t had that conversation ourselves yet, we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing because that’s what’s working for us. But yeah, if things work in the outside world we may become a couple.’

Does she think he’ll cheat on her? ‘No. As much as everyone is doubting this fact at the moment, Terry is very honest so if we decided that we weren’t working, or met someone else, we would end it. But we’d still stay friends. Terry hasn’t done anything to me so I’m not going to hold what he’s done in the past against our relationship – it’s pointless.’



Tel’ was pictured with Adam J over the weekend, and fans were quick to point out that Emma wasn’t in the snap.

Of course, he’s allowed to be with the lads, though…



They flew back to the UK together. And it seems that the pair really ARE still spending time together. Terry announced that he was settling in to watch Love Island last night, with a pizza and with Emma.

We’ll be watching this space.