Tom Powell Shares A Throwback Snap Of Terry Walsh

If there’s one thing you can count on from your friends, it’s a little social media embarrassment every once in a while.

Come on, how many times have you been tagged in an AWFUL snap on Facebook, or had a #TBT posted on Instagram by a mate without you knowing? Exactly.

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But imagine if you just so happen to have been taking part in a TV show? And not just any old TV show, but one that’s gripped the nation?

Of course, we’re talking about Love Island.

And, OF COURSE, that picture is going to go viral.



During last night’s epic final, Tom Powell decided it was the perfect time to share a throwback snap of a younger Terry Walsh. And we love him for it.

Yup, we’re talking Tel’ before the tatts, and before the edgy hairdo. Tom tweeted: ‘Terry is 2008 man…. Thank f*** you blossomed’. LOL.

And it’s safe to say that it blew up a little bit on Twitter.

>Terry proved very popular with the girls in the villa

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Fan reactions included: ‘OMG!!! The shock of the night!!!’ and ‘that’s made my night ahahahaha’.

Others started drawing comparisons, with one writing, ‘HE LOOKS LIKE ONE OF THE BEATLES AHAHAHAHHA’ and another saying, ‘he looks like Vernon Kay’.

A few thought that it was Tom trying to ‘get his own back’ after Terry’s antics on the island. But knowing the lads, we’re sure it was just a bit of light-hearted banter.

And it did make everyone giggle.