Did Terry Just Confirm *This* Love Island Fan Theory?

With all of the dramz going down on Love Island last night, we’d forgive you for missing one of the biggest bombshells.

There’s been a lot of speculation amongst viewers when it comes to how real Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon’s relationship is. That is the nature of the show, after all.

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And last night, Terry Walsh got a big ol’ wooden spoon and stirred the pot with one jaw-dropping comment.

Things were ever-so-slightly awkward between Tel’ and his mate Tom, after one slept with the other’s ex, and the other went around moaning about it. Yup, we can understand why that would drive a wedge between a friendship.



In retaliation, Terry hinted that he knew something big about the villa’s resident hunk, and later spilled the beans, claiming that Tom’s feelings for Sophie weren’t genuine.


After Scott told Terry that both Sophie and Tom thought Emma was up to something, the 28-year-old hit back: ‘Oh, and Tom’s not playing the game? Don’t get me started because it winds me up. A huge game is being played.’

Terry continued: ‘Let them gang up on Emma, because I’ll let go of a few home truths if Tom wants to play that game, don’t you worry. Just watch it all unfold. I can play the game and I’ve got more dirt on him than anyone.’

What, what, WHAT?

Natch, it didn’t take took long for Terry to let rip.

He said: ‘Tom did pull me to one side, thinking it was off camera, and pretty much told me that with this whole him and Sophie situation that he’s playing the game, he has no feelings for her and it’s all fake.’



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Terry also claimed, ‘I feel like he’s fooled me into thinking he was upset with Sophie. Moving forward I feel like I owe him nothing, I don’t want to be a part of his game and I just want to concentrate on Emma now.

‘I feel like Tom’s playing this massive game and he’s got everyone feeling sorry for him. It’s annoying to watch.’

After the two lads confronted each other, Tom tried to explain himself: ‘I was pretending I didn’t care. I was adamant on that day that [Sophie] would end it for good, so I was trying to pretend that it didn’t upset me and I was pretending that I didn’t have feelings.

‘It was all to protect myself.’



Terry seemed satisfied with his explanation, but social media was divided.

One wrote: ‘Tom can’t even give her eye contact he is 100% lying @LoveIsland’.

But others defended him, with comments including: ‘If Tom is lying about his feelings for Sophie then the guy needs an Oscar #Loveisland’ and ‘Tom wouldn’t go through all that effort and keep re coupling with Sophie If he didn’t like her #LoveIsland’ [sic].

Tom dropped the ‘L’ bomb as he was saying goodbye to Sophie. So we’ll leave you to make up your mind…