Malin Reacts To Terry’s Antics On Love Island

Safe to say that Love Island’s Terry isn’t too popular with the public right now.

After Malin was dumped from the island in a shocking twist, her man Tel’ told her that he’d be following her. Makes sense, considering it’s a dating show and she’s supposed to be his girlfriend, right?

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Well, apparently not, as last night’s show confirmed that he actually decided to stay. 


Since leaving the sun, and her man, behind, Malin’s made it very clear that she’ll be waiting for him on the outside.

But Terry seems to have a slightly different take on what their distance could mean. The 28-year-old said, ‘I can’t say I’m in love with Malin, I’ve only been dating her for two and a half weeks…’ 


He later admitted that if a new girl came in and ‘took his breath away’, it would prove that he wasn’t meant to be with her.

We can imagine that it’s going to be a tense few weeks for Marl.

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Explaining his decision to stay, the carpenter revealed, ‘I know I’ll be watching from the outside going “I wish I was with the boys” as well. I love every one of you boys as well, that’s what’s making it so much harder.

‘I’m not just leaving for her; I’m leaving you boys for her. If I left, I wouldn’t be happy with her because I’d be missing everyone else as well.’

Hmm. But aren’t you missing something here, Terry? It’s LOVE Island, which means you’ll be needing to couple up…

It came as a little bit of a shock that he’s already made a bee-line for newcomer Tina.

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Taking her to one side, he explained to the former Made In Chelsea star, ‘I’ve been analysing what’s going on and at the minute you haven’t really clicked with any guys.

‘If you wanted, I’d be more than happy to recouple with you. I like you as a person, you seem really down to earth and it wouldn’t be awkward if we had to do tasks together.’

The blonde, who’d previously been getting to know Adam, agreed, but had also said she would never ‘go there’ with Terry out of ‘respect for Malin’.


Taking to social media to react to the show, Malin broke her silence: ‘Actions speak louder then words! Watch my Tel .. He has so much respect for me.. And so does Tina. And if I’m wrong.. Fool me! Time will tell 🙂 #loveisland #teamtelmar’.

Knowling Love Island, there’ll be a few more shock twists to come.

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