Malin Reacts To Emma And Terry’s Antics On Love Island

Emma-Jane Woodham said that she’d never have sex on television. But last night that, errr, seemed to go out of the window.

Yup. Newbie Emma has officially coupled up with Terry Walsh, and they decided to celebrate with some fun between the sheets on their first night sharing a bed.

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If you’ve been watching – or, you know, looking at social media – you’ll know that Tel’ was in a full blown relationship with Malin Andersson not too long ago. In fact, he vowed to stay faithful to her when she was voted out of the villa.



He’s been getting closer and closer to Em’, with both Terry and Malin branding themselves ‘single’ as a result.

But that didn’t stop Ma’ from reacting to her ex boyfriend’s on-screen antics. Well, can you imagine having to watch your ex get jiggy on TV just days after splitting up?


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During the show, she tweeted a shocked emoji followed by: ‘Put it in the f*** it bucket.. And chuck it away. The worst has been done now. Love you all’.

Oh Malin 🙁

The reality star also tweeted ‘sloppy seconds’, and was clearly receiving an influx of support from her followers, as she then said: ‘You lot are fu**** legends.. All of you are making me smile. It is what it is and that is that! I may be hurting but I’m coooool!’



Terry’s ex wasn’t the only one to have an opinion, with his fellow islanders being left shocked at his actions.

Sure, everyone has sex. It’s natural. But Emma and Terry have been the only couple to do the deed without the covers on top, and in full view of the cameras – and everyone else in the room.

Sophie, who was in bed with Tom, was left in shock. She said, ‘Who comes in a villa and is adamant, literally adamant “I’m not gonna have sex” and does that?! In front of everyone!’

The feisty 30-year-old later branded it ‘disgusting’.



Social media also reacted, with viewers saying: ‘Emma had sex with terry just like that, in front of everyone I thought she wasn’t going to have sex on TV #Loveisland’ and ‘Feel sorry for @MalinSaraMakeup but terry and Emma are making the biggest d******** of themselves…’ [sic].

Another pointed out: ‘Here we go again with the double standards. Emma is an attention seeker but Terry also played his part #LoveIsland’.

It does take two to tango.