Drinking Tequila Will Help You To Lose Weight

If you’re a tequila fan, we’ve got some very exciting news to share with you. A study conducted by the American Chemical Society has found a link between drinking tequila and weight loss. Yes, really – doing shots on a night out might actually help you to lose a few pounds.

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Apparently the sugars that occur in the agave plant (agavins) can help to lower your blood sugar levels. These agavins are non-digestible, meaning they won’t raise your blood sugar and also produce a hormone called GLP-1 which helps to keep the stomach fuller for longer. Out of the mice that were tested, the ones who were given agavins ate less overall and had a lower blood sugar level than those who did not consume agavins.

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This isn’t just great news for party lovers though. The research is actually aimed at helping people suffering from type 2 diabetes or those struggling to lose weight. While there is still a way to go with the research, the use of agavins may well be a huge help to those who need to control their blood sugar levels.

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While it is widely known that a night of alcohol tends to mean loads of empty calories are consumed, it seems like getting your tequila fix actually has the opposite effect. So next time you do a round of tequila shots on a night out, remember that it might actually help you to slim down. However, that kebab you get on the way home might not have the same effect.