Kristen Stewart: Twilight Wedding ‘Felt Real’

Kristen Stewart‘s dreams came true when she walked down the aisle with Robert Pattinson in Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part One, and now almost three years since she filmed the emotional scenes, the actress has admitted that the wedding felt “real”.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly to coincide with the DVD release of Breaking Dawn: Part Two, Kristen says: “It’s this feeling I had that it was like a real wedding.”

Real or not, we wouldn’t mind putting on a big white dress and snogging Rob at the altar. Still, it’s no surprise that the nuptials felt special, as Rob and Kristen’s relationship has blossomed alongside the five Twilight movies.

And Kristen says: “I have these memories of it that are not in keeping with a movie set. It feels like my memories. You have room in your mind for character, and then there’s room for yourself. That memory is definitely more mine.” 

Aww. With rumours circulating that Rob has banned Kristen from visiting him in Australia, we bet she’s wishing there was a sixth Twilight movie so they could patch things up… RM

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