Kate Middleton’s Very Royal Baby Shower

Kate Middleton might be keeping mum-schtum about her pregnancy, but these pics from her very royal baby shower seem to tell a different story…

OK, so that’s not actually Kate, the Queen and co, it’s a set-up shot by brilliant celeb lookalike photographer Alison Jackson, but in our imaginations this is totally how Kate’s baby shower went, corgis and all.

We did a little chuckle when we saw these snaps of the royal girlie gathering. We really love the idea of HRH topping up the Duchess’s Schloer while Camilla fishes out the novelty teddy bears from Clintons.

To be fair, the real shower may have been a lot more rocking than this! Especially if party planner and auntie-to-be Pippa had anything to do with it…

By Lucy Hancock, 1 May 2013

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