Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ gets a wildlife parody in a zoo

Let’s be honest – who wouldn’t mind meeting T-Swift in person? But while most of us leave that wish to our wildest dreams, others are actually trying to make it happen. How? By making a parody video, of course.

Staff at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium of Ohio have sang along to the track while dancing alongside fake 1900s airplanes, lions, and baby tigers, in true Swifty fashion. Sure, there was no Scott Eastwood, but it’s still pretty good!

The parody ends with Jack Hanna, a famed American wildlife expert and Director Emeritus of the zoo, congratulating Swift for her video, and pleading for the singer to pay them a visit:  “I know you were in Africa doing one of your songs — it was spectacular, by the way – here at the Columbus Zoo, you’re going to love this place. You really are.”

Swift’s 1989 World Tour is about to hit Ohio this week, so we’ll soon discover if their wildest dreams came true. We’re totally making a parody of our own if this works!