OMG. New Taylor Swift And Zayn Malik’s ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Video Has Dropped, And It’s Sexy AF

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik have FINALLY released the video for new Fifty Shades Darker single 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever', and yes, it's pretty darn sexy

They’ve been teasing this project for a what seems like forever, but FINALLY, the video for Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik’s Fifty Shades Darker single I Don’t Wanna Live Forever has arrived. And well, things have just gotten a whole lot sexier at LOOK towers. Happy Friday everyone!

The video sees suited ex-1D hottie Zayn trash a hotel room, and Tay Tay smoulder in *gasp* a lacy bra and stockings. Wait, is that the Tayster writhing around on a bed, yes, yes it is. Hold the damn lights. Haven’t seen it yet? Take a look👇

Sexy strobe lighting + a luxe hotel room + two very hot pop stars = I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, in a nutshell. The video is already pushing 5K views (and counting) on YouTube — figures taken from Taylor’s VEVO channel, FYI — but what are the fans saying? Are they happy with the much anticipated finished product?

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‘Loving the sexy yet modest style! Still in love with this song even after the video release!!’ one fan wrote.

‘Why is Zayn ripping the pillows? I thought he liked talking to them.’ joked another.

And while the response to the vid has been largely positive, there are some that none too impressed with Tay’s raunchiness.

Taylor Swift I Dont Wanna Live Forever

Taylor looks trés sexy in new video

‘Looks like Taylor is heading to the dark side, promoting this trashy movie and showing her breasts off,’ one fan wrote.


And of course, there were those that immediately jumped onto the whole ex-bandwagon.

‘Now we wait for Harry and Perrie to do a song together.’ someone speculated, making reference to Zayn’s ex fiancée Perrie Edwards and Taylor Swift’s former squeeze (and Zayn’s fellow 1D bandmate) Harry Styles.

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Hmm, is that collab on the cards? We can only cross all our fingers and toes at once.

Directed by acclaimed director Grant Singer, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever was shot at London’s iconic St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Coincidently, the actual song itself was produced by Jack Antonoff – who is currently dating Girls star Lena Dunham, who also happens to be part of Tay’s squad. Fifty shades of Hollywood separation, no?

The Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack also includes music by John Legend, Sia and Nick Jonas with Nicki Minaj. The film hits theatres on 10th February.

Your thoughts on the vid? Let us know…