Taylor Swift’s Fans Aren’t Sure About Her Makeover

Taylor Swift‘s new Vogue shoot has undoubtably been the talk of this week. But what do her fans think?

In the striking shoot, the 26-year-old looks almost unrecognisable with shaggy white blonde hair, barely there eye make-up and bright red lips… it’s safe to say Swifty has well and truly rejected her sugary sweet image in favour of a seriously edgy supermodel-esque look.

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We think she looks insanely hot, especially in those ah-mazing embellished slip dresses and and THAT silver sequinned dazzler. Because why shouldn’t the Bad Blood singer be able to switch up her look every now and then, eh?


However, it appears that her fans don’t feel the same. Because after watching their favourite pop princess stick to her trademark girly frocks and work her signature neat bob for years, it seems that some weren’t quite ready for such a drastic change.

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‘I want the old Taylor back!!!!!!!!! Please, I always loved how you were!!!!! I know the old Taylor Swift is somewhere still in you!!! Please change it!! Please!!!’ cried one upset fan on Instagram after Taylor posted the pictures from the shoot.

‘Hate the hair love the heels’, wrote another.


Because whilst some were in support of Swifty’s new rocky look, the comments lamenting the loss of the ‘old Taylor’ were pretty overwhelming, with one fan sending Taylor a firm word of warning last night.

‘I’m really happy for you to get this Taylor, but you are losing lots of fans with this new look’, they commented.




We don’t think her fans should worry too much – the joy of being a celebrity is that you can change your look up any day of the week, so we doubt this look will be a permanent one.

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