Erm. Have Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Split?

There's something strange going on in the world of Hiddleswift right now...

Something weird is going on. And it involves Hiddleswift.

Think back to a few weeks ago, when we couldn’t blink without seeing yet another snap of Tom and Tay enjoying a romantic plane flight to yet another hot date.

In fact, these two were parading their hot new romance about on the daily, with pictures of Taylor meeting Tom’s mum in Ipswich filling our phone screens, as well as pics of Tom partying with Tay’s besties over 4th of July weekend.

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Tom hiddleston

Tom has been busy promoting his movies around the world

But… Something’s changed. Because guys, have they BROKEN UP?

We’re not joking. The last time anyone saw the couple together was last week, when they were spotted having dinner together in Santa Monica. But since then? Nothing.

Tom has been seen twice at airports without his Blank Space singer girlfriend, and is now filming Thor: Ragnarok in Australia after touching down in Brisbane – alone.

tom hiddleston taylor swift

Where ARE they?!

Swifty, meanwhile, has been avoiding the pap’s lenses for weeks, only emerging on Instagram to wish bestie Karlie Kloss a happy birthday. But we can’t blame her, after the chaos that Kim Kardashian’s Snapchats caused…

Still, could something be up with Hiddleswift? Until the next smooching Instagram pic, we guess we’ll have to wait and see.