Why Taylor Swift’s Tom Hiddleston Fling Could Be Fake

Okay. So we may have just heard the most convincing Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston conspiracy theory yet.

As we know, the famous couple have wasted no time in moving their relationship forward, and since hooking up two weeks ago, have already ticked off meeting the parents, their first couples’ vaycay to Rome, a trip to England and a 4th of July party with all of Taylor’s pals. Where Tom was wearing an ‘I


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Many of us have been a little baffled as to how public they’re being, too – when Taylor was dating Calvin Harris, we only spotted them out on dates a handful of times over their one-year relationship.

Now, we’re not rubbishing their romance – for all we know, they could be completely in love – but E! News have come up with a theory that could make sense of Tom and Tay’s extremely Swift (teehee) move into the land of love.

What if Taylor – who loves writing about love, and about boyfriends – is actually filming a music video?!


Let’s look at the evidence – the images of her and Tom’s many, many dates have all been captured by the same photo agency. Hmm. A bit of a coincedence, no? Some would say this suggests they’re being tipped off, which would make sense, if the shots were planned to be used as music video footage.

Point two: Taylor’s been flying Tom all around the world over the past two weeks. Rome? Check. England? Check. Nashville? Check. As we know, music videos call for plenty of exotic locations, so this would definitely fit.

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Another point: Swifty’s private jet. Tay Tay seems to have been footing the bill for all of these getaways – could this be part of Tom’s deal as an actor in her video? ‘She is footing the bill’, E News! says. ‘Could it be that it’s in his contract as the leading man of her new music video?’ Ooh.

The site also points out that it’s been two years since her last album, and her previous records have all been two years apart. So the timing is very right.

Crikey. We just don’t know. But we’re certainly intrigued. Fake or for reals? Tweet us your thoughts @lookmagazine.