Taylor Swift Tells LOOK About Her Famous Boyfriends!

One Direction‘s Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are very much ON at the moment, but Harry‘s not the first famous guy that Taylor’s dated…

She sat down with LOOK and told us that love is constantly on her mind (we bet it is when she’s with Harry!), and said of her famous exes:

“There was [a relationship] that was an extreme let-down, one that was a betrayal, one where I got tricked, one where I got cheated on, one where I had my self-confidence chipped away piece by piece…”

It sounds like Taylor‘s had a tough time of it with John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and Conor Kennedy, but we’re sure she’s hoping that things last this time around!

Find out exactly what Taylor hopes for in the future in her full interview in the latest issue of LOOK Magazine – out now!