Taylor Swift May Have Just Done Something Very Shady To Katy Perry

Uh-oh, Taylor has released her entire music collection on Spotify on the same day Katy drops her brand new album...

The feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift appears to have just been kicked up a notch.

Despite claiming that she never would, Taylor has officially released her ENTIRE music collection on Spotify – and fans are seriously happy.

But guess who’s not so happy…

Katy Perry, that’s who, as it has come on the SAME DAY as Katy’s new album release. How coincidental!?

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It’s believed that the pair originally fell out after Taylor claimed that Katy had stolen her dancers from her.

Now, it seems certain that the battle is not over.

Their fans have been LOVING the dramz, but some are criticising Taylor for her supposed ‘sabotage’.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Taylor swift putting her music back on spotify because katy perry is releasing her album tonight in the level of petty i aspire to be [sic].’

Another thought the move was very interesting, commenting: ‘So Taylor Swift is finally releasing all her music on Spotify tonight.. the night Katy Perry releases her new album.’

One Katy Perry fan raged: ‘Katy Perry spent 4 years on her new album but got OVERSHADOWED BY ALL OF TAYLOR SWIFT’S OLD MUSIC BEING RE-RELEASED.’

Taylor was even called a snake: ‘And btw Taylor Swift what a snake move on the day of Katy Perry’s album release!’

Katy Perry recently performed at the One Love Manchester concert

Could this sly move by Taylor be due to the release of single Swish Swish by Katy? The track is rumoured to be a dig at T-Swizzle, with the suspicious lyrics: ‘So keep calm, honey, I’ma stick around / For more than a minute, get used to it.

‘Funny my name keeps coming out your mouth / Cause I stay winning.’

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Hmm. Whether you’re #TeamTaylor or #TeamKaty, this drama is too juicy to miss.

By Emily Jefferies