Is Taylor Swift Sending Kim And Kanye To Prison?!

Crikey. Sounds like Taylor Swift’s not taking Kim Kardashian’s explosive Snapchats lightly – in fact, she’s planning something pretty brutal for her and Kanye West.

After Kim Snapchatted a recording of Kanye getting the go-ahead from Swifty over his lyrics to Famous, rumours were rife that the Blank Space singer was threatening the couple with legal action over recording the conversation.

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kim kardashian kanye west Kim and Kanye don’t look to be set for prison after all… Phew


Apparently, Taylor’s lawyer warned Kanye that it was a criminal offence to secretly record a phone conversation with someone else under Californian law. So Kim and Kanye could have been facing three years in prison.

However, it looks like Kimye can rest up, as TMZ has just announced that Kim cannot be prosecuted because Taylor had ‘no expectation of privacy’.

taylor swift kim kardashian Looks like Taylor’s taking Kim’s Snapchat expose pretty seriously…


According to the law, recording a ‘confidential communication’ is only a criminal act if there is no possibility that the caller could have been overheard. Hmm.

In the case of Kanye and Taylor, TMZ has said that a film crew was present during the recording, and it was made obvious that West had put Taylor on speaker phone as producer Rick Rubin also spoke up a few times.

Right. So no prosecution for Kimye, then. Blimey, this one is getting complicated…