It Looks Like THIS Is Why Taylor Swift Hasn’t Been Seen For A While

People think that Taylor Swift has a secret new boyfriend. And it sounds pretty serious...

It’s fair to say that Taylor Swift is probably one of the most famous ladies in pop.

She’s got the mega music career and the massive girl gang. But we’ve been left scratching our heads over Swifty’s recent absence in the press.

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What’s more, with very few social media posts over the past few months, we’d started to miss the Shake It Off singer’s presence.

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However, we might finally have an answer as to why Tay Tay has been avoiding the spotlight.

It is currently being alleged that Swift has been, well, a little preoccupied with falling in love…

Yup. It seems as though the 27-year-old has been hiding a ‘secret relationship’.

According to a recent report, a source has alleged that Taylor has been seeing British actor Joe Alwyn. Ooh.

According to The SunTay-Tay has been in a relationship with 26-year-old Joe for several months now, with the source revealing that they are ‘the real deal’ – even adding that ‘this is a very serious relationship’.

What’s more, the insider then continued to add that Taylor is taking every precaution to ensure that her position in the limelight won’t hinder this relationship, having allegedly rented a house in North London to avoid being spotted.

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The source added that Tay has been ‘walking around with Joe in London using disguises, like scarves and hats, to keep her identity under wrap’ as the pair have been ‘determined to keep it quiet’.

We guess this means we won’t be seeing a repeat of that Hiddleston ‘I heart T.S’ tee then! Boo.

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So, exactly who is Joe Alwyn and exactly where have we seen his lovely mug before?!

Joe is a British actor with roles in films such as Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (in which he starred alongside Kristen Stewart and Vin Diesel) and Keepers (starring alongside Gerard Butler). You can also catch him in his most recent film, The Sense Of An Ending, which came out this year.

So, until we receive any kind of confirmation from Tay and Joe over their relationship status, you can catch us binge watching his flicks.

Alice Perry