Taylor Swift Was Interviewed At Her Friend’s Wedding

Do you remember when that video of Taylor Swift making a pretty awesome speech at her best friend, Brittany Maack’s wedding made it onto the Internet a few months back?

We’re not saying it wasn’t great and touching and cute, but we couldn’t help thinking: whoah, way to steal your mate’s thunder Tay.

But we’ll have to assume that since Taylor was maid of honour for her childhood friend, the two probably discussed the potential-difficulties of having a world famous mega-star (Taylor) at a low-key wedding in Pennsylvania (Brittany and Ben’s).

Just like they *must * have discussed the idea of having an actual Vogue journalist attend the nuptials – to interview Taylor, of course.

Yep, Taylor’s recent Vogue cover interview took place at that very same wedding, people.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift knows how to make time for the important things…


We know this ‘cos the recently released interview reads: ‘At 26, Swift is world famous, wealthy, critically celebrated, a style influencer, and a cultural movement unto herself, recognizable everywhere she goes.

‘She also has two awesome cats. And yet today, in this chapel atop a hill in Reading, Pennsylvania, Swift is none of those things. She is the maid of honor at the wedding of her childhood friend Britany Maack.’

LOL but er, she’s still all of those things, right?

Maybe even more notably so if she’s unable to take some time out with her bezza on her big day, and has to schedule in a high-profile magazine interview during the reception.

If we were the bride we’d totally be like: Nah. Sorry. Nope.

Like, what the hell Tay-Tay? It’s my day and I’ve made you maid of honor for a reason, and if you’re going to be all distracted and putting on a show for a journalist I’m just going to de-maid you just like in Bridesmaids, because it’s MYYYY day dammit.

(At least we’d be thinking that anyway…)


Taylor Swift Brittany maack wedding
What a lovely day (for Brittany *and* Taylor we mean)


‘It’s hilarious to watch the flower girls try to keep it together, and the nuns seem pretty jazzed, too—but that’s not the story today,’ the piece goes on.

‘Britany and Ben are. And the only evidence that the maid of honor is you-know-who is the paparazzi who have gathered at the bottom of the hill, hoping to snag a photo with their long lenses.’

Yeah, yeah – and the fact this journalist is interviewing the mega-star AT the wedding. Hmm. We guess having such a busy schedule leads to some slightly alternative decisions being made, huh?


By Georgina Lawton