Taylor Swift Breaks Her Social Media Silence After *That* Kimye Feud

The singer uses Instagram stories to make her grand return to social media...

Taylor Swift has returned to the social media for the first time since that leaked Snapchat video – and what she posted was pretty poignant.

You see, the Shake It Off singer has been the subject of a serious amount of media attention over the past two weeks, but she’s remained totally silent on the matter… The matter being, her and Kimye’s very well publicised feud.

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kim kardashian kanye west

Kim and Kanye have been carrying on as usual since going in on Taylor…

But yesterday, Taylor broke her silence via Instagram’s latest feature, Stories. And guess what? She didn’t bother alluding to the fact that the she’s been involved in one of the most talked about celeb showdowns of the century. Nope, she just wanted everyone to look at her cat.

Any Swifty fan knows that the US songstress is the proud owner of two adorable moggies – Olivia and Meredith. And she took to Instagram to share a snap of Olivia looking hilariously human-like as she stood on two hind legs on Tay’s bed.

taylor swift cat

Taylor broke her silence with an Instagram story of her cat

Taylor could then be heard saying: ‘What’s going on? You feeling less like a cat and more like a squirrel today? Mhmm yep.’

See? Classy as ever. What better way to come back to your haters than to ignore them altogether, eh Swifty?

At the time of the drama, Taylor made her feelings clear about Kim’s leaked phonecall Snapchat by simply tweeting:

‘That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the internet.’

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Since that day, the only other time she has updated her social media accounts was to post a birthday tribute to her BFF, Selena Gomez, on July 22.

Taylor also broke her Instagram silence yesterday with another birthday tribute, this time to another one of her besties, Karlie Kloss.

All we can say is wlcome back, Tay Tay.