Fans Think Taylor Swift’s Instagram Activity Is Suspicious

Something weird is happening on Taylor Swift’s Instagram account.

Following on from the singer’s feud with Kim Kardashian that took place on social media yesterday, fans have suddenly got suspicious of the note Taylor wrote in response to Kim’s explosive Snapchats.

Taylor hit back by posting a note from her iPhone on Instagram with the caption: ‘That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the Internet.’

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But Swifty fans noticed something odd, as in the top right hand corner of the note was the word ‘search’, suggesting the note might not have been written recently…

‘Confused bc top left says search instead of notes,’ one Instagram user commented.

‘Crying bc the search bar’, said another. Basically, it looks like Tay Tay may have pre-written her note, as she’d clearly had to look for the message in her notes app to post, so perhaps her response wasn’t as spontaneous as it looked?


And there’s something else. It’s now being alleged that Instagram may have been moderating Taylor’s Instagram comments since her and Kim’s feud. Say what?!

According to Teen Vogue, Kim tweeted a series of snake emojis before going live with her Snapchat story about Taylor – the emoji that Katy Perry fans often use against Taylor on Instagram.

But if you look at Swifty’s page, there are next to zero snake emojis, and if you try to post one, it reportedly sends you this error message:


Weird, huh? Are Instagram defending Tay Tay? The drama just never stops…