Taylor Swift Has One Seriously A-List Superfan

Taylor Swift is totally used to being adored by her dedicated following of fangirls, but it’s not just teens and pop-lovers crushing on the pretty singer anymore because a super-famous actress has just shown herself to be a Swiftie too. 

Katie Holmes has been bigging up the Red singer, revealing how much she respects and loves Taylor – and it seems she’s pretty smitten. 

“She’s awesome. I love that girl,” gushed the mum-of-one when quizzed about her latest movie co-star.

The former (and our favourite) Dawson’s Creek actress, who recently shared an adorable vintage snap of herself on Twitter, filmed the novel adaptation of The Giver last autumn in South Africa with the 24-year-old, and it looks like she’s had quite the effect on Katie. 

“I just think she’s so smart, so young, she’s really brilliant and she works very very hard,” added the brunette beauty. 

And her new BFF’s not wrong. Between touring, recording, filming and undergoing gorgeous hair makeovers, it looks like Taylor’s schedule is crammed full of career-boosting opportunities. 

Let’s just hope she doesn’t forget to book in a slot for her latest superfan recruit…

By Claire Blackmore

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