Why Taylor And Gigi Almost Got Kicked Out Of Coachella

So it turns out, Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid may have had a bit too much fun at Coachella.

Despite being two of the most famous people on the planet, the BFFs almost got kicked out of the festival. WE KNOW.

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According to DJ Flume, the girls were partying a bit to close to the sound booths, which house thousands of pounds of equipment, and his manager was not impressed.

‘My manager was watching the show from the lighting desk out in the crowd and these two girls came up and started dancing in front of him, like really full on’, he told Nova FM.

‘And he was like, “I need to get these girls out of here,” so he went to ask them to moved away from the sound booth and realized it was Taylor Swift and her friend, that Gigi Hadid girl”.

THAT GIGI HADID GIRL. (LOL, it’s not like she is one of the biggest models in the world, is it?)


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Thankfully, their security guard went over and made sure they weren’t going to be kicked out and Flume admitted that in the end, ‘it was all pretty funny’.

Note to Tay Tay? Maybe don’t Shake It Off too close to the sound booth in future.

By Megan Wiseman