Here’s Exactly What Taylor Swift Eats In A Day

She’s one of the biggest superstars on the planet, and boasts flawless skin and legs to-die-for. So, what exactly goes into that body of Taylor Swift’s? Well, now we know.

The 26-year-old has given an interview to Bon Appetit where she lists just what she eats in a day, as well as what’s on her tour rider (and her dreamiest sugary vices)… Here’s what we learnt:

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Swifty likes to start her day well, and that means with a heart brekkie. In fact, her go-to breakfast is ‘buckwheat crepes with ham, Parmesan cheese, and a fried egg on top.’ Sounds delicious to us! And to drink? It’s orange juice all the way. ‘I drink it with breakfast every morning’, she says.



As well as being a dab hand with a BBQ – ‘I love to make burgers, grilled chicken with different marinades, garlic green beans, carrots and broccoli’ – Taylor says her signature dish is chicken and dumplings. Oh, and pasta with lemon-Parmesan sauce and pine nuts. Erm, when can we come over?!



When it comes to the snacks she’s always got in her fridge, Taylor lists ‘thinly sliced ham and chicken from the deli’ as well as tonnes of Diet Coke, ‘because it understands me.’ But don’t think it’s all healthy – the singer’s favourite treats are cinnamon rolls or tubs of cookie dough. Because she’s that kind of girl.



Shockingly, Taylor admits that the only thing she has in her dressing room is water. Yep, no blue M&Ms or sushi platters for this superstar. ‘I have so much water in my dressing room–because I drink, like, ten bottles of water a day’, Taylor says. She used to ask for trays of fresh veggies, apparently, but somehow they dropped off her rider.



As we know from her Instagram account, Swifty is partial to a spot of baking. Which is why she names pumpkin bread as her go-to bake, as well as ‘ginger molasses cookies’ and ‘hot chocolate and chai’. YUM.



When asked what her favourite dish cooked by her mum is, Taylor says: ‘Her brisket and pot roast are out of this world. She also makes toffee with brown sugar, chocolate chips, butter, and Saltines. Those are high-calorie days for me.’

All in all, pretty normal, no? We always knew Swifty would be one to enjoy her food… Yet more evidence she’s totally our kind of gal.