Taylor Swift’s Friend Reveals How She’s Feeling

We haven’t heard a peep from Taylor Swift since her and boyfriend Calvin Harris split – but now, one of her gal pals has broken her silence.

Taylor and Calv called time on their one-year relationship last month, and to be honest, we were all a little shocked.

Because just weeks before, we’d seen the beautiful couple happily celebrating their one year anniversary. And before that, they’d spent their first blissful couples’ holiday together in Mexico.

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taylor swift wedding Taylor recently admitted she was ‘third wheeling’ at a pal’s wedding…


Calvin later posted a statement to his fans to give a bit of background to the break-up, which read: ‘The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect.’

Still, we’ve all been wondering how Swifty’s doing. Especially since it’s been suggesting that perhaps the split was a little more Calvin’s call than hers…

But now we know. And we’re happy, because apparently, Taylor’s happy too.

The Out Of The Woods singer’s friend, Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony, has spoken to E! News about Tay Tay, and has finally revealed how she’s doing.

Camila Cabello taylor swift Camila Cabello has revealed how Taylor is doing since her split from Calvin…

‘She’s good’, Camila said. ‘She was just in Nashville.’

Yay! We knew our favourite sassy songstress would have no problem moving on. The singer was also spotted at the gym this week, with an onlooker commenting that she looked particularly focused.

‘She did not speak about Adam or mention anything about the break-up’, they said. ‘Overall she was really happy and seemed like nothing was bothering her.’

Go girl.

calvin harris taylor swift Calvin tweeted about his break-up with Taylor shortly after their split…