So *Are* Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris ‘Texting’ Again…?!

The former flames appear to have put their drama behind them, and are back on talking terms...

Well, here’s something we never thought we’d see, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are reportedly friends again?!

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Unless you’ve been avoiding all forms of media for the past few months, you’ll probably have heard about Taylor Swift’s dramatic summer.


When the Shake It Off singer broke up with her boyfriend of 15 months, Calvin, in June things started off pretty amicably with the pair assuring us they were going to stay friends.

But then it all turned messy. VERY messy.

Tay publicly got with Night Manager’s Tom Hiddleston just a few weeks after the split. Then there was all of that drama surrounding Calvin’s track This Is What You Came For. 

And how can we forget the Scottish DJ’s epic Twitter rant? At the time, he hit out at Tay saying: ‘If you’re happy in your new relationship you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your ex bf down.’

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Yup. All hope of a friendly split seemed long gone.


However it’s now come to light that the pair could be on speaking terms again…

A source has allegedly told TMZ that the former couple started texting again shortly after Taylor and Tom split earlier this month.

But before we all start getting really excited at the prospect of a Talvin reunion, the source claims that it definitely doesn’t mean that the pair are rekindling their romance. Apparently, it’s all about the friend-zone. And it’s only in text form.

News of this truce comes after Calvin was reportedly caught liking one of Taylor’s recent Instagram videos.

The Style singer sparked up a social media storm when she posted a video of herself backstage at pal Gigi Hadid’s show.

After all the bad blood, a friendship is definitely good enough for us.

By Naomi Bartram