What Taylor Swift’s Friends *Really* Think Of Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are just ADORABLE, right?

The pair recently celebrated their first anniversary, and over the past 12 months, they’ve done about a gazillion things that have got us right in the feels.

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> Calvin Harris joined Taylor Swift and her brother Austin for some Christmas fun last year


There was the time Calv built a snowman with Taylor’s brother Austin, and when he helped Tay celebrate her incredible Grammys win last month.

Then there was their actual anni, when he took to Snapchat to casually tell fans: ‘1 year… that was easy.’

> Calvin Harris sent the *sweetest* message to Taylor Swift after her Grammys win


They even got an anniversary cake, and Taylor debuted a new ornate heart-shape locket with the date 3.6.2015 engraved on it.

She captioned an image of the delicate gold piece on Instagram: ‘3.6.15. One year down!’ Ca-uuuute.

> Taylor Swift debuted her romantic necklace on her and Calvin Harris’s anniversary


But it’s not just us who think Calvin and T-Swizzle are total relationship goals. In fact, her pals are just as keen.

A source tells PEOPLE: ‘They’re super happy together. He gets along with her friends. They all like him and there’s no drama.’

> Calvin Harris sent this picture to his Snapchat followers


Well. You know if your mates approve, he’s probably a good ‘un, right?

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> We all know how powerful Taylor Swift’s squad is


So how have Taylor and Calvin managed to make their first year go so smoothly? According to the magazine, it’s all down to balance.

Another insider reveals: ‘They’re not a couple who are joined at the hip.

> Two words: COUPLE GOALS


‘They enjoy romantic date nights when they are off, but both Taylor and Calvin have many friends they hang out with separately. Her girlfriends seem very important to Taylor.’

TBH, we’ve all seen the Bad Blood video. If we were Calvin, we’d be pretty wary of that squad…