Watch: Taylor Swift Answer 73 Questions

Vogue have released another one of those ‘candid’ interviews where they ask 73 strange questions to a celebrity, who’s quite obviously prepped answers, and who rattles them off to the camera as they guide the viewer on tour of their amazing home.

And the latest one is hella-good ‘cos it’s with Taylor Swift.

We love these interviews because a) we get an exclusive insight into some gorgeous Hollywood homes (Tay shows us her Beverly Hills pad) and b) we totally get the giggles at some of the weird Q&As…

Here are 18 things we know from Taylor’s 73 questions:

1. Taylor has a gorgeous house equipped with a song-writing room adorned with trophies, a grand piano and guitars aplenty.

2. Her nick-name is Teffy, apparently.

3. She wants an honorary doctorate like Ed Sheeran because now he has one he ‘looks down on her’ (LOLs).

4. She carries anti-bacterial hand sanitizer so her and her mates don’t have to wait in the club toilet queue to wash their hands. (Genius).

5. She doesn’t know how many guitars she owns – she ‘stopped counting in 2007,’ FYI.

Taylor Swift
Taylor’s music room is gorge


6. The celeb closet she most wants to raid is Blake Lively’s. (Join the queue…)

7. Blank Space is the song she wrote in the shortest space of time.

8. Tay-Tay keeps her awards all around her house – and the VMA one is right next to her coffee maker…

Taylor Swift Kitchen
Spot the award…


9. Jay-Z loved her 25th birthday cake, but the last thing she baked was a ‘gluten free dairy free chocolae cake’.

10. The ‘one thing she still has from her childhood’ is her ‘insecurities’ (Aww..)

11. Her favourite film is Love Actually!

12. She has chandaliers outside?!

Taylor Swift home
We want this garden


13. Taylor admits that she *has* googled herself – we wouldn’t be able to resist if we were her, either…

14. Her best Christmas pressie? When her ‘boyfriend planted an olive tree’ in her back garden! (That was so obviously Calvin, right?).

15. The one song she wishes she wrote is ‘the friends theme song… because of those royalties.’ Erm?

16. Her favourite career memory was ‘filming the Bad Blood video’.

17. Tay is sick of the media focus on her love life, people: ‘If I could talk to my 19-year-old self I’d say: ‘hey you’re going to date just like a normal 20-something should be allowed to, but you’re going to be a national lightening rod for slut shaming’’…Yikes.

18. She reckons ‘karma is real’…

Watch the video in full below…


By Georgina Lawton